C e r t i f i c a t e o f P e d i g r e e HP24222601
NKK 10758/96
NKK 06659/90
NKK 12278/95
NKK 00300/95
HM 648792/01
HD 729929
SBIS Champion
NKK 12871/98
I certify that the information contained herein is accurate: INT N UCH N J(B) Ch Rex N UCH N J Ch Bill N J(B) Ch Tanja N J(B) Ch Fagerjorden's Arek Tortasen's Wapita N UCH N JCH Ragg Tortasen's Alberte INT N UCH N J(B) CH NORD UV-02 Grom Rugg N UCH NV-92 Tarzan N UCH N J(B) Ch Raya N J(B) CH Felin Ch. Ellyka's On A Nordic Track Topsy Jarvo Stella Ch. Ellyka's Urban Cowboy Int. Am. Can. Ch. Windy Cove Kit Carson AmCanCh. Ellyka's Rebel Gray Ch. Ellyka's Singing Stone Ch. Ellyka's Rebel Belle Ch. Bristlecone's I'm A Rebel Too Ch. Ellyka's Dreamcatcher Ch. Ellyka's Vanity Fair Ch. MJR Yukon Mt. King av Atoka Ch. Craikas Harka's Ritz Ch. Atoka Grasell Two for the Road Ch. MJR Maximas Bandit Queen Jo-Cala's Nikke av Atoka Ch. Tarroma's Bonner av Republik Ch. Vikiro's Fancy Wrappings Ch. Harka's Moon Walker Ch. Norden's Starlight Saber Ch. Greyplume's Ticket to Ride Ch. Harka's Sweet Dream Ch. Asgaard's Capitol Gain Ch. Westwind So Hot of Greyplume Ch. Greyplume's Volcano Joe Ch. Asgaard's Hot Time Tonight Ch. Nynorsk Lenan Foreign Intrigue Ch. Lenan Denmar Caribbean Breeze Ch. Thom Thom's Tyson Denmar's Bonnie Parker Ch. Nynorsk Literary Innovation Ch. Bristlecone's NY State of Mind Ch. Ardon's Maverick Av Denmar Ch. Denmar's Cantabile CD Ch. Bristlecone's I'm A Rebel Too Ch. Bristlecone's Johnny Reb Ch. Bristlecone's M & M Ch. Bristlecone Lenan Dust Devil Erica XIX Ch. Trolan's Waggin Wheels Talak Ho Easing Loving Am.Can.Int. Ch. Denmar's The Jolly Roger Ch. Norelka's Special Edition Denmar's Bonnie Parker Ch. Nynorsk Lenan Foreign Affair Ch. Thom Thom's Tyson Ch. Nynorsk Literary Innovation Ch. Bristlecone's Magnum Force HM55294504
Ch. Lenan Bristlecone Ms Attitude REG. NAME: Ellyka's Gray Expectations BREEDER(S): Toni Welkes TITLES: Ned Welkes REG. # OWNER: Toni Welkes BREED: NORWEGIAN ELKHOUND CO-OWNER: Ned Welkes COLOR: Silver, Gray, and Black BIRTH DATE: 04/17/2009 SEX: M ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: HP34010101 Signed: Date