C e r t i f i c a t e o f P e d i g r e e HM845020/01
HM 648792/01
SBIS Champion
HD 729929
SBIS Champion
HD 774100
HD 794752
HD 701395
HD 102872
HD 854742
HD 145023
HD 389284
HD 679948
HD 341552
HD 273906
HD 275128
HD 311716
NE 1631
HD 307250
HD 526547
HD 273907
HM 467904/03
HM 391049/01
HD 786849
I certify that the information contained herein is accurate: Ch. Windy Cove Carney's Dakota Ch. Linval Eldorado Scamp Ch. Windy Cove Rider's Carney Int. Am. Can. Ch. Windy Cove Kit Carson Windy Cove Sun Bonnet Sue Ch. Windy Cove Autumn Breeze Ch. Windy Cove Cochise's War Bonnet Ch. Ellyka's Urban Cowboy Ch. Ellyka Stone's Throw Ch. Ellyka's Rolling Stone Ch. Ellyka's Homespun Ch. Ellyka's Singing Stone AmCanCh. Ellyka's Rebel Gray Ch. Ellyka's Silver Totem Ch. Windy Cove Chief Cochise Ch. Ellyka's Spun Silver Ch. Bristlecone's Johnny Reb Ch. Windy Cove Tara's Nimbusson Ch. Bristlecone's I'm A Rebel Too Ch. Bristlecone's Wee Petite Ch. Bristlecone's M & M Ch. Windy Cove Autumn Winds Ch. Ellyka's Rebel Belle Hestsko Windward Greta CH. Ellyka's Gangbuster Ch. Dunharrow's Dust Buster Ch. Ellyka's Vanity Fair Ch. Ellyka's Spun Silver Bjorn-Lass Thornbeck Freyja Ch. Bjorn-Lass Frodo Bjorn-Lass Thornbeck Porcha Ch. Vikiro's This Gun For Hire Ch. Vikiro's Tara's Macho Man Ch. Craikas Harka's Ritz Ch. Camalot Trulle's Belle Star Ch. Harka's Country Terror Ch. Camalot Bella's Trykk Ch. MJR Yukon Mt. King av Atoka Ch. Harka-Diablo's Gamay Rose Ch. Norelka's Limited Edition Ch. MJR Maximas Bandit Queen Ch. Rikkana's Spinning Wheels Polestar's Kelsean Icy Lite Windy Cove N Norelka Snowstar Ch. Atoka Grasell Two for the Road Ch. Arjess Gunnar's Flying High Polestar's Amulet Ch. Norelka's Special Edition Ch. Rikkana's Spinning Wheels Windy Cove N Norelka Snowstar Jo-Cala's Nikke av Atoka Ch. Republik's Cover Story Ch. Rikkana's With Love Ch. Jo-Cala's Copyright of Asgard Ch. KCK Felony's Grand Larceny SBIS Ch. Roundel's Gizmo of Vikiro Ch. Vikiro Belle's Desert Moon Ch. Vikiro Ruby's Ghost Dancer Ch. Jo-Cala's The Gray Ghost Ch. Vikiro's Ravishing Ruby Ch. Tarroma's Bonner av Republik HD892367
Ch. Vikiro's Fancy Wrappings HM344339/04
REG. NAME: Ch. Ellyka's Dreamcatcher BREEDER(S): Ginger Lawson TITLES: Toni Welkes REG. # OWNER: Toni Welkes BREED: NORWEGIAN ELKHOUND CO-OWNER: Ned Welkes COLOR: BIRTH DATE: 07/12/2003 SEX: F ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: HP05828701 Signed: Date