C e r t i f i c a t e o f P e d i g r e e HN00774702
HD 729929
SBIS Champion
HD 145023
HD 389284
HD 307250
I certify that the information contained herein is accurate: Ch. Norden's Starlight Saber Ch. Harka's Moon Walker Ch. Harka's Sweet Dream Ch. Greyplume's Ticket to Ride Ch. Westwind So Hot of Greyplume Ch. Asgaard's Capitol Gain Ch. Greyplume's Volcano Joe Ch. Asgaard's Hot Time Tonight Ch. Thom Thom's Tyson Ch. Nynorsk Lenan Foreign Intrigue Ch. Nynorsk Literary Innovation Ch. Lenan Denmar Caribbean Breeze Ch. Ardon's Maverick Av Denmar Denmar's Bonnie Parker Ch. Denmar's Cantabile CD Ch. Bristlecone's Johnny Reb Ch. Windy Cove Tara's Nimbusson Ch. Bristlecone's I'm A Rebel Too Ch. Bristlecone's Wee Petite Ch. Bristlecone's M & M Ch. Windy Cove Autumn Winds Ch. Bristlecone's Magnum Force Hestsko Windward Greta Ch. Trolan's Waggin Wheels Erica XIX Talak Ho Easing Loving Ch. Bristlecone Lenan Dust Devil Ch. Norelka's Special Edition Ch. Rikkana's Spinning Wheels Windy Cove N Norelka Snowstar Ch. Lenan Bristlecone Ms Attitude Denmar's Bonnie Parker Ch. Ardon's Maverick Av Denmar Ch. Denmar's Cantabile CD Ch. Thom Thom's Tyson Ch. Nynorsk Literary Innovation Am.Can.Int. Ch. Denmar's The Jolly Roger Ch. Nynorsk Lenan Foreign Affair REG. NAME: Ch. Bristlecone's NY State of Mind BREEDER(S): Carl and Marguerite Burson TITLES: Sharin Burson (Graves) REG. # OWNER: Toni Welkes BREED: NORWEGIAN ELKHOUND CO-OWNER: Ned Welkes COLOR: BIRTH DATE: 02/01/2005 SEX: F ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: HP13970202 Signed: Date